A Transparent and Cost-Effective

Way to Outsource Your IT Support at a Fixed Price Per Month…



Focus on Your Business Without Worrying About Loss of Productivity Because of Lack of Performance of Your IT Infrastructure

Professional IT support might be a challenge when you have not selected the right solution. Which IT support provider is fit to do the job for you? And hiring an IT support specialist might cost you a lot and be a liability. Besides, do you get the exact service levels you need while one of your employees is stuck with a broken device?

Are you tired of running around putting out fires? Do you have the feeling your IT costs could be reduced dramatically? Why not prevent issues from happening and outsource your entire IT infrastructure to an IT provider that is fit to do the job right? You might be surprised about the costs you could save.






Peace of Mind


Stabilize Your IT Costs to a Level You Can Count On

One of the most heard complaints is that companies are struggling to predict their IT costs. Major issues, software upgrades, and hardware replacement can easily add up. IT takes a big chunk of monthly profits like this. Would it not give you a lot of peace of mind when you would just pay a fixed fee per month without any unforeseen cost

The often-applied Break & Fix model gives a lot of stress in any company. Struggling to find the right partner, productivity loss, and most importantly, issues are often just solved until the next one. You need a provider that prevents problems rather than uses patches for your IT infrastructure.

When you work with BlueCastle IT Solutions, you pay a fixed fee per month, per user, and you make it our challenge to prevent problems by:

1. Making problems never arise in the first place (preventative maintenance)

2. Solving issues that arise efficiently as soon as possible (system monitoring)

3. Assessing recurring issues to apply long term solutions (proactive support)


What Our Fixed Fee IT Support Could Mean for You

  • WARNING: without active IT Support you are at risk of serious productivity loss and unforeseen IT costs!

Hardware or software issues don’t arise without a reason. You might be able to patch an issue, but at a certain moment, there is nothing left other than patches. Let us manage your IT infrastructure, and you will be ensured of guaranteed high performance.

  • Outsourcing actually is more cost effective than the Break & Fix model

You might be reluctant to conform yourself to a fixed fee per month. However, like this, you prevent your IT bills from increasing every month. In the end, IT outsourcing always is more cost-effective and most definitely more productive.

  • Hiring an IT administrator might give you the feeling of security but just might be a liability.

Finding someone that has all the skills you need might already be a huge challenge. But the question is if you have enough work for him to be hired full-time. You still have to pay 40 hours of labor when there might only be 20 hours of work to do. And what do you do with foreseen (vacation) and unforeseen (sick leave) absence? Are you not just throwing money out of the window to have the feeling you are in control?


Many IT providers offer tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 support who are passing your call around to someone else.

With our dedicated team of technicians, engineers, and account managers, you get the same technicians whom you regularly speak with. They know about your IT infrastructure and know you by name.
  • As your virtual CIO, we produce reports and high-level overviews to assess your IT needs.

It is our passion to make you fully empowered to make all IT-related business decisions. We translate our IT recommendations into C-level language, ready to take action.


What Does Our Unlimited Remote and Onsite Support Cost?

Our unlimited support is unlimited, indeed. We charge a fixed fee per month per user, and we do not charge per PC or server. Like this, your IT costs will be completely manageable and predictable. Everything we do for your IT infrastructure is covered by our flat rate:

Neat Computer Desk

Basic IT Support

$75-$150 per user, per month

Single point of contact

Preventative maintenance 

System monitoring

Proactive support


Disaster recovery

Powerful Computer

Advanced IT Support

$150-$200 per user, per month

Everything in Basic IT support

Managed cyber security

Security operations center



"As an IT Managed Service Provider, they have helped to both reorganize and streamline our technology systems . . . I would recommend BlueCastle to any organization looking to place their IT Managed Services in the hands of capable professionals.

Chris Burgess | Army Association Publications Inc.

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How much planning do you take care of?

Here's a list of our communication steps and what we help take care of. 1. Once booking we send you over a 100+ page elopement guide to help jumpstart your research as well as your inspiration! 2. We also send over a questionairre to get to know you two more to we can start finding you the perfect backdrop to get married in. 2. Then we create a location guide customized for you! 3. Once you choose your location we send an email to guide you with the next steps reminding you to book your lodging,flights and travel 4. We also send over our vendor recommendations at that time for your area to help you find needed vendors for your day 5. We also send over permit information and links to help you get the right information for you location. (The couple is requires to get special event permits, but we as photographers will take care of our photographer permit) 6. A few months out from your elopement date we will then send over 1 more questionaaire to help us get a better idea of your vision for your day. 7. Once we get your answers we will create your elopement timeline! 8. Last but not least we will help answer any questions you might have on where you go to get your marraige license so you can get married! 9. A few weeks out we connect and check on weather ect to see make sure everything is ready to go for your elopement day! 10. You finally get to elope and have the most amazing day ever!


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